Human:Fall Flat
Human:Fall Flat
Puzzle Adventure
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    Mar 31, 2023
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    505 Games (US), Inc.



Human: Fall Flat is a very interesting and unique physics puzzle game developed by No Brakes Games. In the game, players take on the role of a character named Bob and explore a series of fantasy levels to solve various physics puzzles and riddles.

The game's graphics style is simple and cute, the character Bob is a small fat, clumsy when moving, giving a sense of comic and ridiculous. The game uses an advanced physics engine, making the interaction between the character and the environment more realistic and interesting. Players need to use Bob's physical characteristics and the laws of physics to solve various puzzles and complete the levels.

Human: Fall Flat's level design is unique and creative. Each level is a maze filled with platforms, cliffs, ladders, organs and other obstacles. Players need to use the rules of physics and their own intelligence to find the way to the next area. Some levels require players to jump, climb, and push objects, while others require the use of special mechanisms such as ropes and pulleys. The puzzle solving process is challenging and fun, and players need to observe, think and try to find the right solution.

In addition to physical puzzles, Human: Fall Flat also focuses on the player's creativity and imagination. The environment and objects in the game are interactive, and players are free to interact, move and change with them. Players can use these elements to create their own unique solutions, and sometimes the most unusual approaches can lead to unexpected results. This freedom and creativity allows each player to complete the level in their own unique way, adding to the fun and playability of the game.

Human: Fall Flat also offers a multiplayer co-op mode that allows players to solve puzzles with friends. With multiplayer mode, players can explore levels together, collaborate to solve puzzles, and experience the fun of teamwork. Playing the game with a friend not only adds challenge and excitement, but also promotes friendship and communication.

How to play

Human: Fall Flat is a fun physics-based puzzle game that puts players in the role of a vulnerable and confused character traversing a fantasy world full of challenges and organs. Developed by No Brakes Games, this game is widely acclaimed for its unique physics engine and hilarious motion controls. Here is a detailed guide on how to play Human: Fall Flat:

Create a character: After launching the game, you will be guided to create your own character. Choose a cute figure and customize the look and costume to match your preferred style.

Master the basics: Familiarize yourself with the basic operations of the game before entering the game world.Human: Fall Flat uses a simple control scheme that is operated using the gamepad or keyboard. Understanding how to move, jump, grab and push objects is the key to the game.

Puzzle Levels: The core gameplay of Human: Fall Flat is the puzzle levels. Each level is a maze of challenges and mechanisms that require you to use your physics engine and creativity to solve puzzles. Start at the beginning, explore the environment, look at interactive objects, and find clues and solutions.

Use the physics engine: Human: Fall Flat's physics engine is an essential part of the game. It allows you to interact with objects in the environment and use them when solving puzzles. Grabbing, pushing and pulling, spinning, climbing, jumping and other actions will be key to your puzzle solving. Master these skills and use the rules of physics and the interactive elements of the environment to overcome difficulties.

Creative Thinking: Human: Fall Flat encourages players to use their creativity and imagination. There are multiple solutions possible in the puzzle levels, and you can try different approaches and strategies to overcome the difficulties. Feel free to experiment and use your creativity, sometimes the most unusual solutions may lead to unexpected results.

Multiplayer co-op mode: In addition to the single player mode, Human: Fall Flat also offers a multiplayer co-op mode.


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