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Subway Surfers
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    Feb 9, 2023
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Run quickly and avoid the cop and the doctor in Subway surfers

The game starts off with you spray painting a wall near a train station. Suddenly a police officer and his trusty dog show up behind you. You run, so the cop and dog give chase. It does not take long for the cop to lag as you keep running, and soon he eats your dust. While you are running, look ahead for incoming trains, barriers and posts that can knock you around. If you make a big mistake, you will get caught

You are running forward, but never forget that there is a police officer chasing after you. He may be slower, but he is relentless. You are running on train tracks, and there are 3 tracks you can run on. Swipe left or right to move between tracks. Jump up to avoid bollards. Swipe down to slide past a gap in fences. On the bottom left are 2 boosters you can use to have an advantage in Subway Surfers, but you do not have to activate them to win. 

The Headstart is the orange foot step with a fire at the end. This power up allows you to be faster by zooming through obstacles. Another power-up at the start is the multiplier: when you tap it once, it doubles the points when you run. As you are running, your score increases on the top right corner. When you tap on the multiplier, the first number changes. It can be from X1 to X6 depending on how many multipliers you use. Just below the points is your coin bar, it resets with every new round, but the total will appear at the home screen.

The coin is the common currency in the game. You exchange them for hoverboards and characters, sometimes costumes. . Below the coins is the high score and the person who made it, which you can aim for if you are a competitive runner. You can pause the game by tapping on the top left corner icon. Next to it is the hunt token for the season, it can be anything and it frequently changes. They appear randomly while you are running. Collect hunt tokens for prizes you can use. One of the best things you can win are keys. Keys can let you keep running when caught by the cop. You can also buy costumes, characters and hoverboards. 

Things that you can pick up during your escape can help you keep ahead. You can buy hoverboards that come with special boosters for a powerful head start. Things that appear during your chase are Pogo sticks that help you jump high, jetpacks that let you fly high and far, Super Sneakers that let you jump higher onto trains. Without these shoes,.you have to slide away to dodge the tall trains and barriers. Coin magnets are the most common power up in the game, and they help you collect coins so you can buy nice things for yourself.

How to play

Just keep running! Slip and slide around the incoming obstacles, make sure not to do it too early. If you jump or slide too early, you may trip. A minor slip up and the police and his dog will show up right behind you. As long as you don't make another mistake, you will shake them off quickly. If you trip again while they are behind you, the cop will catch you and you will lose.

You may feel like you are running at the same speed, but your hurdles keep getting closer and more frequent. The map repeats itself with every new round, so it is easy to predict what will come next when you replay. Collect as many things as you can while on the run, but remember that your aim is to not get caught. 

When you see a letter appearing in front of you, that is a bigger priority than coins. Word Hunts are rewarding: they give you mystery boxes and coins. Good news is: the word does not reset when you get caught. Collect the rewards to buy things to make the game more fun to play. 

If you see trouble brewing but you cannot find any boosters, double tap on the screen to bring out your hoverboard. Use the hoverboard to avoid tripping onto things for 30 seconds, but they take time to recharge. 

You can run or fly from the cop and his dog, do you have a favorite route to avoid capture? Share your tips and tricks in the comment area below so that more people can like the game.


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