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Clash of Clans
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    February 2, 2023
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Are you a village chief, army general, or a town strategist? In Clash of Clans, you are all 3! 

A villager greets you as a leader in a small village, but she bosses you around like she is the one in charge of the place. You will see a big house they call a town hall, a gold mine and lumber. The villager will teach you how to buy buildings, but you can only buy a cannon to protect your town hall for now. When she tells you to spend a gem to speed up the building process, you can ignore her if you want to save the precious gem for future use. 

The goblins will roll out a welcoming mat by attacking your village before you know what is going on. Fortunately, the cannon you built will get rid of them fast. After you build headstones for the goblins you killed, the villager explains buildings will repair themselves via magic in the Ley Line. She also gets a team of wizards from the Ivory Tower to help you return the favor to the goblins. Send the wizards to land fireballs at the goblin camps and gain some money and magic elixirs. 

But she is not done with you yet: your village guide will tell you to hire a builder. Building a builder’s hut costs gems, the premium currency in the game. She will also explain that the purple elixir drops are for train troops and build certain buildings. On your top right corner, you will see your gold, elixir and gem cache. Once she introduces you to the currencies in the game, the game will prompt you to build an Elixir Collection building. It will be the only thing that has color when you pop up the resources tab in the shops. 

In your shop, the buildings are sorted into four categories: Army, Resources, Defenses and Traps. Some buildings only need gold or elixir, but special ones like Builder’s Hut require gems. You can only earn gems by clearing obstacles and getting achievements. You will start with 500 gems, but if you do not use the rushed option, you will only have to spend 250 gems to hire a second builder. 

After you reach a certain level in the game, Clash of Clans gives you a shield to protect you from stronger players in the game. When it is active, other players who will be stronger cannot attack you even when you are not playing; but if you attack a player in the game, you will lose some protection time. 

Once your villager goes on with her day, you are finally free to build or upgrade your own buildings. Your builder will suggest upgrades, but the choice is yours. On the bottom left, you have an attack button that lets you start a fight with goblins or other players. Next to it is the silver shield that gives you a list of challenges and the rewards list.

How to play

Collect your rewards by tapping on the blue profile on the top left corner and from the challenges button. The small button above the attack button is quick access to your troops and magic spells. To join the league, collect trophies by winning attacks in single player or multiplayer mode. Once you collect the minimum 400 trophies, you can enter the Leagues and be ranked in the game. 

Fighting goblins and other players are a good way to earn gold and elixirs. Make sure you remember to train more troops and upgrade your gold and elixir storage to keep your spoils of war. To be a good chief, you have to be good at protecting your own village. While you are exploring your world in Clash of Clans, keeping your Town Hall level low will attract less attention. Hoard your gems like a dragon so you can hire more builders in the game. 

When you attack the enemy, you have to deploy your army outside of the red border. Your people will always target their defense system like the archer's tower and cannon. Some of your troops are good against buildings, while archers shoot high to remove enemies hiding in towers. Hence, you need to invest in a good variety of troops for maximum damage. 

There are plenty of challenges and events all year round, you can climb up League Ladders or just have fun attacking other people. Share your tips and tricks for Clash of Clans below so that more people can like the game.


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