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One of the best ways to relax and have fun is by playing some great mobile games. While waiting for someone at a place or relaxing at home, you need something to kill your time and keep you entertained. Nothing can be better than finding a great fun game to do that. Are you looking for such a game? Then you need to try out Toon Blast. It is one of the funniest and most entertaining cartoon puzzle games full of adventures and excitement. This is created by the same creators of Toy Blast. You can enjoy unlimited puzzle games here. The best part is the unique and stunning gameplay. Want to know more about this game? Read on to know more.

Gameplay & Features

The gameplay of Toon Blast is quite interesting and fun. It comes with some of the most entertaining and funny cartoon puzzles full of adventure. You can enjoy those adventure based puzzles by entering into this crazy world of cartoon puzzles. You will get to play some of the most challenging levels and wacky games here. You have to create some of the most powerful combos and blast the cubes. This will help you to pass the levels more efficiently.

This is a wild adventure puzzle game where it will start with some easy to play puzzles. But as you start climbing up the levels, the game is going to be more and more challenging. You will have to face different challenges and difficulties in each and every unique puzzle level. So, get ready to solve the puzzles one by one and you can move on to the next level then. This game also comes with some great features that make it even more exciting. Some of the best features of this game are:

●Tons of puzzle levels in the game

●Complete the challenges one by one and unlock new episodes

●Get to play with some great boosters 

●Enhanced gameplay and stunning graphics

●Win different rewards by winning levels

●Make a team of your own here in the game

●Teams can compete with others to rule the Toon Blast world

●Get lives from other teammates for unlimited playing

With all these amazing features, there is no doubt that the game can be quite fun and challenging at the same time. Though you may have played a lot of puzzle games, this mobile game is surely different from those. It is quite interesting as well as it comes with some great challenges that you have to fulfill in order to go ahead in the game.

How to play

From the above overview, it is probably clear to you that this game is all about puzzles. So, you have to match the blocks to solve the puzzle. What are you waiting for? Get this game today  it right now on your phone. We are here to provide you with some of the best tips that can help you to play Toon Blast more efficiently. Some of the tips are:

Tip #1

Make sure to create an efficient team of your own in this game. This will help you to play the games more efficiently. The team members can also help each other providing life and more gifts that can be helpful in the game. 

Tip #2

You need to use the boosters to make sure that you are successfully completing the levels. You can create some boosters by using powerful combinations in the game as well as you can use the boosters that are present. 

Tip #3

Keep on playing the levels and pass them with the best scores. As you keep on playing the levels, you need to keep an eye on the daily tasks. You can win different rewards by fulfilling the tasks and by completing each level. This can be helpful for your game.

Get this game today for free on your iOS device or Android device. It is available for both smartphones and tablets. So, you can get anywhere and start to play the game! You just have to keep the tips mentioned above in your mind while playing. This will help you to play Toon Blast more efficiently. You are going to love this game for sure and have a lot of fun!


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