Toca Kitchen 2
Toca Kitchen 2
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    Mar 11, 2022
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Is your kid obsessed with Toca Kitchen or any other game from the fun yet educational Toca Boca series? If your answer is yes, get Toca Kitchen 2 immediately as this simulation game has everything to become your kid's favorite of all time. Some of your kid's favorite characters or guests from the game's previous version will be there along with some new and exciting guests that your kid can cook for via this casual mobile game. The game can help your kid to develop or improve his/her motor skills, concentration, and instruction-following capability. The best part about this game is that all of these will be imparted to your kid in a fun and entertaining way. So, let’s find out more about this incredibly amusing game and how to make it more fun!

The engaging and amusing gameplay of Toca Kitchen 2

The developers of this single-player game have gone the extra mile to come up with unique reactions for each guest. So, the gameplay is designed to be relaxing and fun. There is no need to come up with perfect dishes. Perfect dishes will help you move forward in this game faster. However, getting the "ew" reaction from the guest will be hilarious and always fun. 

Pro Tip: Encourage your kids to try out anything they want as the gameplay is designed in this way to make your child more creative. Players are allowed to create their own recipes. 

This free cooking game for kids is free from any rules. This ensures your child is not stressed. The gameplay will encourage kids to be more open-minded. The game will guide kids in many fun ways. Some new food items and condiments that you will get only in this new version are Rice, Chicken, Spaghetti, Strawberry, Corn, Octopus, Ketchup, Soy, Dressing, and more. You are also getting new tools to cook these items, such as a deep fryer, juicer, and oven. 

Pro Tip: There are many secret recipes that you can try out with different food items, condiments, and cooking tools. 

How to play

Tips and Tricks to make Toca Kitchen 2 more hilarious

Here are some tips and tricks to make the gameplay funnier:

Secret Recipes

Chop up sausage with the knife available as neatly as possible. Do not forget to add salt after collecting the chopped-up sausage. After that, take the frying pan available and pan fry the sausage pieces. Take them out once they have the grill marks on them. Now, all that is left to do is serve this secret recipe piping hot to the guest waiting.  

Making your guest burp loud

The condiments play a huge role in this game. So, encourage your kids to try them out. The developers have designed the guests to give funny reactions and/or funny loud burps when they eat food with lemon and hot sauce. The weirder the dish, the weirder the reaction is going to be. Extra levels of grossness have been added to the guests to make the gameplay fun.

Do more with the cooking tools

The game has provided 6 different cooking tools to choose from. Encourage your child to try out each tool one at a time to get the hang of them. The new juicer is not for fruits only. Try adding fried octopus to it and see what it cooks up and will your guest love it or not. Similarly, the new deep fryer can fry anything your kid desires. So, let your kid's imagination run wild.

Serve raw food

There is so much your kid can try out with all the 16 ingredients available in this stylized game. They can cut them, fry them, bake them, juice them, and even boil them in a pot. Many beginners do not know that you can feed the guests raw food as well. Encourage your kid to drag any raw food of their choice directly into the mouth of the guest waiting. The reaction will be priceless. 

These were some simple and fun tips and tricks to make Toca Kitchen 2 more amusing for your kid. Once you check out the game, you will see that the player has to follow the instruction to make delicious meals for all guests coming in. Hence, a bit of practice is required to get the hang of the gameplay. However, as there are no rules to follow, your kids will enjoy this game from the get-go.


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