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Roblox is an online hub that allows you to create your own games and play games with kids from around the world. It’s more than just a game – it’s a platform that encourages creativity and community.

Roblox is an old game that’s evolved to keep up with modern times. First released in 2006, Roblox has been growing steadily as a gaming platform. It’s especially popular among modern kids due to its prevalence in online videos and discussions and the recent growth of internet-based socialization.

Roblox isn’t a game on its own. Instead, Roblox is a platform that allows kids (and adults) to make their own games. Within Roblox, you can use powerful editors to create games of all shapes and sizes. You can make a simple game where you have to walk on tiles of a certain color or a complex role-playing game with big levels, a complex story, and advanced stats. Most of the games on Roblox are made for kids. Many of them are made by other kids, meaning that you tend to get a different feel from a Roblox game than an adult-made counterpart.

Roblox has in-game microtransactions. The game uses a currency called “robux” which can be used to buy accessories for your in-game character. The people who make various games within Roblox earn a small cut of the game’s overall revenue, meaning that a few of the people who make the most popular games earn a fairly decent amount of money off of the platform. This does not trickle down, however. While making a game for Roblox is easy, making money off of your Roblox games is very, very hard.

Many of the more popular games on Roblox are role-playing games in a literal sense. Instead of playing as elves and leveling up your magic, you’ll take on the role of a police officer or a cowboy and do the sort of things a cop or a cowboy would do. Since many of these games are made by children, you’ll encounter some odd and exotic activities within these games. A lot of these games are multiplayer, enabling you to connect with other players and socialize with them. 

How to play

Roblox’s developers work hard to police the platform and ensure that content that’s not appropriate for kids doesn’t stay up for long. While they’re not always successful, they do a good job of keeping kids on Roblox safe from malicious or misguided adults.

This doesn’t mean that Roblox is “safe.” Instead, it means that you can be reasonably confident that your kids won’t encounter a lot of bad stuff on the platform and that obviously inappropriate content will get taken down quickly.

Roblox is targeted at children. There’s a lot of content on Roblox that’s aimed at much younger kids. This makes it a good opportunity for teaching safe online habits. Roblox probably shouldn’t be a game that you give to your 5-year-old unsupervised. Instead, make playing Roblox a thing that you and your kids do together until you’re confident that you understand how the platform works and that your kids understand how to stay safe online.

If your kids are accessing questionable content on Roblox, take some time to think about the source. Are your kids searching for the answers to questions that their teachers won’t help them with? Are they trying to fit in with other kids in their friend group by participating in rebellious activities? Figuring out why your kids are doing the things they do online is the key to reacting appropriately and keeping your kids safe long-term.

It’s very likely that your kids will play Roblox for years without running into the sort of problems discussed above. One problem that you’ll almost certainly encounter is the idea of Robux being used to buy things in-game. Be sure to establish that Robux are real money quickly and give your kids the ability to convert their real money into Robux while keeping your money safe. Ensure that your credit card information is not stored anywhere and be aware that your kids might not understand exactly how bad using their parents’ plastic card to purchase a few thousand dollars of Robux is. It’s a problem that you can solve with some patience and a few phone calls to your bank, but it’s definitely one you’ll want to avoid if you can.

Are you a Roblox expert? What games are your favorite? How long have you been playing? Have you made any games? Let us know in the comments below!


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