Merge Dragons!
Merge Dragons!
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    December 19, 2022
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Savings Dragons is part of the day’s work in Merge Dragons!

The game starts when a dragon asks for your help, your first lesson in freeing a dragon is to move the petrified stone in place to free it soul. Your first friend Ezra thanks you and explains that it is the last dragon, so it wants you to help find dragon eggs. Once your first level is complete, Ezra leads you to the next island. 

Tap play on the right to start the next level. On the island, there is a book on a pedestal, which Ezra explains that it is a Tome of Wisdom. The book is your written guide in playing the game. You move the object next to each other, and when you have three, it will turn into something nicer, like a Dragon. You can slide the object anywhere on the green land. The little start on the left is your order for the level. 

Sometimes, you have to heal the land your enemy Zomblins killed. Whatever is inside the ugly gray square is not moving until you heal it, but you can still merge with it. You can heal the land by using Life Essence or by merging things. When you pass a few levels, Ezra leads you back home to camp, where it has been destroyed by the Zoblins when there were no dragons around. 

You can move the land by tap and hold, which is helpful when the puzzle is longer or bigger than the screen. You can turn off the screen drag option by tapping on the bottom right corner button. Once you know what you are doing, the dragons give you a new mission to increase your ranking and earn extra rewards. On the level map, tap on the green home button on the bottom left corner. Change the settings by tapping on the gear next to it. 

The purple gems are special currency you can use to buy chests or special items. Magic coins are shop currency that allows you to buy Dragon Eggs and build homes for your friends. Under the purple gem bar is the chalice, it is your energy source. Once you run out of energy, you can go back to camp to clean up your home. Next to the magic coins and gems are stone bricks that let you build more dragon homes for your friends. 

In the camp, your dragons will try to clean up by digging up bones and branches on healthy land. After a few actions, they will tire and go to sleep in the den. There are special levels with trophies that have extra challenges. You can replay the level with challenges like time limits to find special dragons. 

When you tap on the level, the window will pop out on the right to show you the possible rewards if you achieve the goal. If you replay a level, there will be information such as the score and time you take to finish a level. You can play the same level again 3 to earn extra rewards.

How to play

Simply tap on an object on a healthy land, then drag it next to a similar one to make a match. It can be a straight line or in L shape. If you love to make it harder, you can change it in the settings for the game to match when you have 5 in a row. For normal players, when you make more big matches, the game gives you 2 items instead. 

Seeds create flowers, which are sources of Life Orbs your dragon friends can use to rejuvenate the land. You can match the flowers into bigger flowers that can give you more life essence. When you see seeds floating above your puzzle, tap on them to make them land. You can match those seeds to create a flower sprout. 

The game will sometimes confuse you by giving you a lot of items to match, if you forget what you have to do to pass a level, tap on the small star for a reminder. For a timed challenge, make sure you achieve it before the time limit to pass. Other levels do not have a time limit, so you can wait for the dragons to drop life orbs, and you can match as many chains as you want. 

Merge Dragons! is a fun and easy game to play, there are no move limits. Share your favorite dragon in the game so that more people can like it too.


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