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GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is an RPG sci-fi immersive shooter game, where you can control different strong and beautiful android girls clad in fighting gear and deadly weapons. They will mode according to your commands, and kill the robotic enemies that roam the earth. The game provides the easy and same feature of collecting the power characters and making a team with them. You will have the best and most thrilling combats with the female heroes. You just have to use the right strategies to win the battles. In this article, we are going to describe the gameplay, its strategies, and more with you, so you can understand this RPG sci-fi immersive shooter game, and play it like a pro.

NIKKEs are the main characters of this game. These are the girls who will help you win the battles, and for that, it’s important to upgrade them. You need to focus on the upgrades to get the best out of the heroes. The game has three types of goddesses, supporters, defenders, and attackers. The skill types will be based on the attacks and each of them has a different style and skill set. You can upgrade the characters using cash, and this you will get by playing in various modes and completing the missions. This will allow you to climb the levels, and you can make the NIKKE stronger. You can upgrade them based on the abilities, and raise the skills as you win the levels. You can easily upgrade the heroes without wasting your money by buying things from the game store. 

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is an RPG sci-fi immersive shooter game. You will find out more about this fun game when you start to explore its features. The game is all about fun and excitement when you start your journey with this game. You can play this game perfectly when you grasp the gameplay. Let's know properly about the features of the GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE.

●Extraordinary and alluring NIKKEs

●Play in the apocalyptic world and kill the robotic enemies. 

●Experience the best tactics

●Experience the best images and characters

●The game has the latest plot-based actions and physics engine

●High-quality and vivid illustrations

How to play

The game strategies will help you understand the gameplay and you can master it properly. Once you grasp the features, you can start with the strategies. The game is fun and easy to play, but once you understand the rules it will be easier. So, let us read the following points. 

Step 1- Battle Strategy

When you begin with the battles, you need to create a team of five NIKKEs and when you select the group members check their abilities so you have a powerful squad. You can check the details of the enemies, like the characters they are fighting, and based on that you can create a strong team. 

Step 2- Upgrade NIKKEs

You can upgrade NIKKEs by cash and you will get that from the game modes, the Outpost, and by completing the different quests and missions. You can also upgrade your character with a limit break. You need to collect some shards to complete the quests. 

Step 3-Get the Weapons

The game is filled with various weapons. You can choose the weapons based on your characters. Based on the hero, you have to choose a weapon, not all of them are suitable for the character you have selected. Therefore, it’s important to know about the various weapons and characters that will wield them. Depending on the weapons and the upgrades of the NIKKE you can win the battles. Some of the weapons are shotguns, Gatling Gun, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, and Submachine Gun. 

What are the Rewards? 

You will get rewards codes that will give you free prizes. Other than that, you will get gold, silver, and gems. You can buy these items from the game store as well. 

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is an RPG sci-fi immersive shooter game, where you have to create a team of strong NIKKEs and win the battles. You will find many ways with this game, and once you complete your quests you will get rewards like special objects. 

This is RPG sci-fi immersive shooter gameplay, where you have to create a team of strong NIKKEs and win the battles. If you loved this game, you can share your valuable opinions, so others can play this game with ease, and provide their reviews.


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