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Suika Game
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    Apr 17, 2024
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Following the Aladdin X projector version, Nintendo Switch version, and iOS version, we now have the long-awaited Android version of the Suika game. This game has attracted the attention of countless players with its simple and easy-to-understand rules and colorful fruit elements. In the Suika game, players need to use wisdom and strategy to get high scores by grouping fruits of the same type and gradually evolving them into larger fruits.

In the game, players must pay close attention to the collision and evolution of various fruits. Among them, the highest-level fruit is watermelon, which represents the highest honor in the game. When two fruits of the same type collide, they "evolve" to form a larger fruit. This process not only requires players to have keen observation skills, but also requires them to have quick reaction capabilities.

The core gameplay of the game is to group the same fruits to avoid overflow. During this process, players need to pay close attention to the arrangement and number of fruits to ensure that no mistakes are made during the evolution process. At the same time, the game also has a rich ranking system, allowing players to compete with other players around the world.

Now, the Suika game for Android is online, are you ready to compete and reach the highest ranking? In this game world full of challenges and fun, who will be the ultimate winner? Let us witness it together!

All in all, the Suika game for Android is a very interesting and challenging puzzle game. With its simple rules, colorful fruit elements and fierce competitive atmosphere, it has attracted the love of a large number of players. Whether you want to show off your strategic talents or compete with other players, Suika game will be your best choice. Come and join this wonderful fruit feast, and let us experience the endless fun brought by evolution!

How to play

First, let's understand the basic concepts in the game. In the game, you will see a variety of fruits, which are divided into different types, such as strawberries, apples, oranges, etc. When fruits of the same type collide with each other, they undergo an "evolution" process and become more advanced fruits. This process will not only change the appearance of the fruit, but also give the player a higher score.

Next, let’s introduce how to operate the game. In the game, you will control a character named "Poppy". By moving the "poppy" left and right, you can make the fruit fall where you want it. Cleverly arranging the placement of fruits so that fruits of the same type collide with each other to achieve evolution is the key to getting high scores.

However, it is important to note that there are strict restrictions in the game. The game ends when the fruit spills out of the box. Therefore, during the game, players need to always pay attention to the capacity of the box to avoid overflowing of fruit. In addition, the game will add more challenges and difficulties as the fruits evolve, allowing players to continuously improve their skills while enjoying the fun of the game.

In short, this game not only tests the player's reaction speed and operation ability, but also requires the player's strategic and planning abilities. By constantly evolving the fruits and avoiding the box from overflowing, players will experience endless challenges and fun in the game. Come and join this game world full of fun and challenges and show your strength!


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